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Different Education School Levels at GIIS

At Global Indian International School, we support every aspect of child development. From early childhood through secondary school, we provide students with skills and knowledge to thrive in a diverse 21st-century society. We provide a variety of programmes that incorporate industry best practices with a well-rounded learning experience. Each programme aligns with our unique 9GEMS™ framework for holistic development to make our students productive citizens and ethical leaders of the future values.

Pre-Primary (N.-K2)


Grade: Pre KG-K2
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We recognise that every child is unique and highly-valued member of our school community. We also understand the importance of new-age learning and holistic development during a student’s formative years. Which is why our pre-primary programme emphasises on building their skills and exploring their talents through age-appropriate activities early on, in a safe and nurturing environment. By encouraging young students' natural curiosity, we begin to set the stage for lifelong learning. 

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Primary School (Grades 1-6)

Primary School

Grades: 1 - 5
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During primary school years, we support holistic development of students by empowering them to take increased ownership of their learning. Our trans-disciplinary approach encourages students to apply their learning in everyday activities around them. We incorporate students' interests into the curriculum and provide them opportunities for showcase their talents. Through service projects and field trips, we encourage students to become engaged in the local community and the world at large.

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Global Montessori Plus (GMP)

Secondary School

Grades: 6 - 10
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Our programme for primary years is designed to be a joyful experience for students between 5.5 to 11.5 years, an age where physical and mental growth is accelerated and all encompassing.

At this critical juncture, our faculty step in to identify, nurture and grow the students academic and non-academic interests in such a way that information passed to them is measured and engaging, making the learning of the rigorous CBSE curriculum a fun and joyful experience.

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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

High School

Grade 11 to 12
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Our CBSE programme from Grade 1 to 12 is a comprehensive curriculum which stresses on academic rigour within an environment .

An interdisciplinary teaching at GIIS gives students a powerful opportunity to apply knowledge, principles, and values to more than one academic subject simultaneously. CBSE’s global curriculum comprises built-in activities and exercises which promote cross-curricular learning.

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Value-added programmes

Our 9GEMS™ framework promotes intellectual, social and physical development while also teaching our students the importance of ethics and discipline. A variety of hands-on activities - both academic and extracurricular - foster exploration and creativity. School and community-based initiatives encourage children to be good stewards of the environment and to serve others locally and globally. Learning through computers and mobile devices teaches children to use technology responsibly. We incorporate our value-added programme into every aspect of the curriculum to provide a balanced education that prepares children to adapt to a constantly-evolving global society.

Our comprehensive framework is designed not only to promote academics, but to prioritise communication, leadership and entrepreneurial skills that prepare children for higher education and careers. At GIIS, we provide a relevant, values-based education that equips the next generation to be innovative leaders and lifelong learners.

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